The mission of the Flower Growers of Puget Sound is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among its members and the horticultural industry, and to work diligently to increase the fellowship, effectiveness,  image and impact of its members and the horticultural industry in the Pacific Northwest.


Educational Meetings: FGPS meets four times each year to learn and share about important topics, enjoy delicious meals and have a good time.  Meetings are usually held at a member firm’s operation, offering the opportunity to learn from industry peers.

Networking: One of the best parts of the meetings is getting to know people who understand your profession and share your concerns and priorities.   Meetings provide a welcome opportunity to offer support and learn from each other.

Representation: FGPS addresses issues affecting its members and their businesses. This may involve working with other industry associations on common issues or specifically representing its members in the most effective manner.

Membership Directory: FGPS issues an annual directory listing members’ names and contact information in a quick and easy-to-use resource.

Website: FGPS’s website promotes its members through its membership directory which is posted here.  Meeting notices and helpful resources may also be found on the website.

Join!  Click on the link below to print our New Membership form or our Membership Renewal form.  Instructions are included.  Annual membership dues are $100.

New Member Form:   FGPS New Member Form 2018,19,

Member Renewal Form:   FGPS Membership Renewal 2018,19